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Nazar Raksha Kavach
Rs. 3875 Rs. 1990 Rs. 1899 (49% OFF)

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Product Code: 1031
Nazar Raksha Kavach
Price: Rs. 3875 Rs. 1990
You Save: Rs. 1899 (49% OFF)
Warranty Period :1 Month Manufacturer
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Nazar Raksha Kawach protects you from evil eyes, Negative Vibes, maleficent effect or evil effect, it works as a shield.

Nazar Raksha Kawach is a spiritual thing that helps to protect you from evil eyes revolving around you. It keeps you away from black sigh, negative vibes and maleficent effects or black magic done on you. It works as shield to keep you safe from evil super natural powers which are otherwise very harmful to you. This revolutionary Nazar Raksha Kawach is actually a stone bead which is worn by those who want to protect themselves as from evil looks. It is basically an amalgamation of molten glass, iron, copper, water and salt. This particular shield is a combination of minerals and metals which is believed to provide a protection shield from evil forces. It has a symbol of eye engraved on it which is regarded as a potent amulet for protection from evil forces. These evil forces and their bad eyes are there in almost every culture of the world like – Hindu, Islam. Jewish, Buddhist and Christian etc. 
TV teleshopping has brought to you this amazing Nazar Raksha Kavach which can save you and your near ones from evil eyes acting as a protective shield. This Nazar Raksha Kavach is also called evil eye beads which are used worldwide for protection from evil eyes.
Features of Nazar Raksha Kavach:
  • It is the best and easy way to have protection from evil eyes
  • It can protect you new born baby from evil eyes
  • It can be used while buying anything new like home, car or property
  • Evil eye bracelet & pendant keeps away all the negative energies
  • Creates an aura of positive energy to fight from negative vibes
  •  Acts as a protection for your home and family
  • Purifies your home, office or car from evil sight
  • It energizes everything near to you and makes you positive


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