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Product Code: 1023
Breast Enhancer
Price: Rs. 2990 Rs. 1990
You Save: Rs. 987 (33% OFF)
Warranty Period :1 Month Manufacturer
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Easy and Effective way to Get a Better Look
Breast enhancer is a very nice way to improve your looks by getting breasts enhanced naturally. Breast enhancer is a product that has been tremendous in its track record and women all over the world are fully satisfied with it.
Do you wish to have beautiful bust to look prettier and sexier? Breast enhancer is the best natural way to get them. It is product that has been designed after a deep research and thus it works scientifically to enhance the breasts to make a woman more beautiful and desirable. This amazing enhancement tool combines vibration and magnetic effect to stimulate your breast tissue. It increases your bust size and make your breasts look more beautiful and that too in a very simple and easy way. There is no need to spend a lot in different unnatural ways like pills and surgery. Breast enhancer is best way and far more safe and effective than any other method to enhance your breasts.
It comes in a very beautiful and attractive pink velvet box and thus you may also gift this to anyone who actually needs it. This breast enhancer actually is actually a breast massager bra than gently massages your breast keep stimulate muscle growth. It is actually a small battery fitted inside it which provides power to its massager. The soft vibration is quite soothing and enjoyable to women. These vibrations helps to eliminate toxins and to repair and growth of tissues to increased the size of breast firmly and gradually.

Features of Breast Enhancer
  • It is very light weight
  • Comes fitted in curved shape bra to fit your breast
  • Easy to use and carry while on the go
  • It has no side effects
  • Battery operated and stops after 15 minutes automatically
  • Softens epidermis of breasts get smooth and tender skin
  • Makes breast firm and provides good cup shape
  • Stimulates good blood circulation and keeps the tissues healthy
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries
  • It includes 8 pieces of battery already


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