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Rs. 3590 Rs. 1990 Rs. 1616 (45% OFF)

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Product Code: 1016
Tummy Fat Cutter Oil
Price: Rs. 3590 Rs. 1990
You Save: Rs. 1616 (45% OFF)
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Tummy fat cutter oil can also be used to reduce the fat from you'r waist neck(double chin),
thigh calfs or biceps, it however depends on you as to which part of you'r body wold you
like shape up.


How to Use

Tummy Fat cutter Oil : Apply 5-10 ml tummy fat ayurvedic oil by massging it on your stomach
for ar least 8-10 minutes so that it effectively penetrates the skin and start attacking &
reducing the fat you will notice that tummy fat cutter oil not only reduces the fat but also
maintains the tautness of the skin and does not allow it to loosen for but result it is
important that you do not eat anything till 20 minutes after application of tummy fat
cutter Oil.

Tummy Fat cutter Gally : Apply 2-3 ml of tummy fat cutter gally by massaging it on your stomach
 for 3-4 minutes this would open up the pres there by allowing the skin your stomach to "brathe"
 after the opening of the press Apply tummy fat cutter oil which woild then easily penetrate
the skin and start reducing the fat do not apply anything for 3 minutes after the application
of tummy fat cutter gelly.only after 3 minutes apply tummy fat cutter oil.

Tummy Fat cutter face cream : This cream reduces excess fat from face (cheeks), Nack (duble chin)
 it also helps mossturize the facial skin which is why there is a marked reduction face in wrinkles
 and also reduces skin ageing Apply tummy fat cutter face cream starting from down and moving upwordson the face do not was your face for 10 minutes after the appliction  

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